Get Involved

Here are ways you can be involved with our ministry:

Discipleship - Spiritual growth and formation in Christ is a key component at UM. We encourage one on one discipleship, where you meet regularly with someone who is a spiritual leader for you and where you pursue and invest in someone that you are a spiritual leader for. This can happen organically or you can sign up to get disciples or to disciple someone! Sign up by emailing Jill - jbutta@malibupres.org

University Ministry Servant Leader (UMSL) - Service and participation in the body of Christ is another value of ours. Our Servant Leaders are the essence of our ministry. Each UMSL leads a team that serves on Tuesday nights, has responsibilities throughout the week, commits to two monthly meetings, and participates in our discipleship process. You can apply at any time to be a UMSL and begin the shadowing and training.

Apply here to be a UMSL:

Core Team - Authentic community happens when you invest. Our Core Team has minimal volunteer responsibilities, is available when needed to help with UM events or Tuesday nights, and are regular participants in the UM community. Volunteer on Tuesday Nights on any one of teams:

Outreach Team

Hospitality Team

Welcome Team

Worship Team

Programs Team