Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a space outside of Tuesday nights to invest in the community of University Ministries and grow both personally and collectively closer to Jesus. 


Sabbath Group - Every weekend a group of students will Sabbath together for a 24 hour period. Establish a healthy rhythm of work and rest with your community. You will plan one day a week to delight in the Lord, rest with Jesus, and be filled with the Spirit. 


Julia Rodriguez: jrodriguez@malibupres.org 

Jill Butta: jillian.butta@pepperdine.edu


Read Scripture Group - Journey through a study of the whole Bible this year. Meet with this group of students to stay accountable and share what you are learning. Check out the App "Read Scripture" for more information. 


Brett Stratemeyer: bstratemeyer@malibupres.org

Jordan Parr: jparr@malibupres.org